Carmelo Anthony Debuts New Memoir “Where Tomorrow’s Aren’t Promised”

Carmelo Anthony is bringing a new meaning to the phrase “more than an athlete”.

On Thursday morning, The NBA vet debuted his latest. memoir “Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised”, speaking on how his life was before the scoring titles, college championships and the glory that comes with being an NBA star.

He makes it his priority to tell readers that “this is not a book about basketball, its about LIFE”.

Being born and raised in Brooklyn’s Red Hook Projects, he starts his story off at the age of eight.

Growing up amidst gang violence, racism and pain, Carmelo had no choice but to move to Baltimore but, sadly, this place was no better than the last. The notorious murder spree’s and crime rate’s gave birth to Baltimore’s nickname “Bodymore, Murderland”.

Thankfully, he was able to find solace in a world so cold, finally joining towson catholics basketball team where he would then become a basketball star. After leaving in 2009, he went on to join Oak Hill Academy in Virginia to play under head coach Steve Smith.

Carmelo exclaims that the book is “Raw and Honest. It’s very sentimental, and it’s coming directly from me. I’m not sugarcoating anything. I’m giving it to you as if I was in my living room, talking to family and friends about my upbringing. I’m allowing you to enter that world”.

He explains that although the things he’s seen in Baltimore made him stronger, it’s liable to stress you out. The cold world he lived in during his upbringing shaped him for different lessons and walks of life that he is now in position to experience.

“Understanding it better, knowing how to move, knowing how to make certain decisions. That’s what it did for me”.

“Where Tomorrow’s Aren’t Promised” is now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.