Carmelo Anthony: George Karl’s Comments Are ‘Irrelevant to Me’

Yesterday, scathing excerpts from George Karl’s memoirFurious George, that ripped Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith and Kenyon Martin circulated throughout the media. Karl called the trio, who he coached in Denver, “AAU Babies” and criticized Anthony and Martin for growing up in father-less homes.

After last night’s game against the Magic, Melo, as he usually does, took the high road and said that he hopes Karl “finds happiness” and that his former coach’s comments are “irrelevant” to him.

From ESPN:

“I just hope that he finds happiness in what he’s doing. His book, hopefully, will bring him happiness,” Anthony said Thursday night, adding that he isn’t disappointed by Karl’s remarks.

“I’m past being disappointed,” he said.

“It’s irrelevant to me. It’s irrelevant at this point,” Anthony said. “The truth of the matter is everybody else is kind of speaking up for me from their own experience. So I really don’t have to speak on it.”

Smith, Martin and other players took to Twitter to respond to Karl:

George Karl Enjoying Life in Denver Post-Carmelo Anthony