Carmelo Anthony. Still not All-Star Material.

By Sam Rubenstein

Look at me working at night. So, the All-Star reserves were announced, and congrats are due for first time All-Stars Dwight Howard, Caron Butler, and Carlos Boozer. The Western Conference is especially loaded this year and Tony Parker is having a good enough season, but… Carmelo Anthony is yet to be selected for an NBA All-Star Game. The league’s leading scorer at 31.3, Carmelo is the only player in the NBA above the 30 ppg. Whether you have lost all respect for him after the punch and run or you have some other reason not to like him, you have to admit that Carmelo should be an All-Star. Other than Parker, it’s hard to decide who you would take off that list. Maybe either Amare or Marion, though they both deserve it. Tough luck for Melo.
With Yao and Boozer injured, he’ll most likely get on there the backdoor way. Of all people, David Stern gets to make the call. The same man that hit him with the fifteen gamer. I hope Josh Howard gets the other replacment spot.