Carmelo Doesn’t Quite Get the Camby Trade

by Marcel Mutoni

When Marcus Camby was traded from Denver to the L.A. Clippers a couple of weeks ago for, well, basically nothing, the Nuggets’ front-office hilariously claimed that it was a “chess move”.

Carmelo Anthony, who knows what it’s like to hear his name in trade rumors, wasn’t particularly enthralled with the move. The Nuggets’ franchise player also doesn’t seem to think that any of the folks running the show in the Mile High City are Bobby Fischer.

From the Boston Globe:

“It was tough to see a guy like that, especially for me, this is my fifth year and I played five years with Camby, it was like we almost started an organization together.

To see a Defensive Player of the Year just leave like that for nothing, I still don’t understand that.”

Try not to think too hard about it ‘Melo. It’s not worth it. Those guys in your front-office are always two moves ahead of everyone else.