Carmelo Wants Some Answers; Dumars (Now) Wants Anthony

by June 23, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Pretty wild weekend out in Denver and Detroit. According to a couple of reports, Carmelo Anthony’s people are set to meet with Nuggets management today to find out just what (if anything) is going on with these non-stop trade rumors involving Young ‘Melo, and at the same time, Joe Dumars and his staff have reportedly been working the phones like crazy trying to get their hands on Anthony.

The meeting is being initiated by Anthony, who has grown tired of hearing his name mentioned in trade rumors. His desire is to stay in Denver and he wants assurances from the Nuggets that they will not trade him. Anthony’s party expects to get those assurances on Monday, according to the sources.


But while talks are ongoing, the Nuggets, at this point, are reluctant to include Anthony in any deal. The Pistons source said the sides are “not even close” to an agreement.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

1)Denver’s decision-makers have yet to put out a definitive statement regarding their superstar forward’s status in the Nuggets organization (no doubt adding fuel to the fire, and certainly part of the reason why ‘Melo’s people want to meet and discuss things.)

2)Joe Dumars, as he stated in no uncertain terms following the Pistons’ latest Playoff flameout, is hellbent on making changes in Motown (and what better change than making up for his still-unfathomable decision to pick Darko Milicic over Carmelo in the ’03 Draft?)

Though Carmelo’s agent denies that anything is brewing, it should be an interesting next couple of weeks for these two franchises.