CBA Explained: NBA Max Contract Values For 2019-20

The NBA salary cap has been formally set at $109,140,000 for the 2019-20 season. Here is how that number will impact the overall value of max contracts.

There are multiple things to consider when determining the max contract that a player is eligible to earn, the biggest being how many years of service time a player has.

Service Time

Players with six or fewer years of service time are eligible to earn a 25% max contract. Those with seven-to-nine years of service time may earn 30%. Players with 10 of more years of service time can earn 35%.

Designated Veteran Eligibility

Designated veteran contracts, or supermax contracts, simply let players with between seven and nine years of service time jump up into the 35% bracket but only if they meet certain criteria.

Re-Signing or Signing

The last thing that impacts what a player’s max value can be is whether they’re remaining with the same team or not. Players re-signing with their own club can sign for five years total with 8% increases between each year. Players signing with a new team can only sign a four-year deal and are limited to 5% raises.

Players Re-Signing With Their Own Team (Five Years, 8% Raises)

Season6 Or Less (25%)7 To 9 (30%)10 Or More (35%)

Players Signing With A New Team (Four Years, 5% Raises)

Season 6 Or Less (25%) 7 To 9 (30%) 10 Or More (35%)
2019-20 $27,285,000 $32,742,000 $38,199,000
2020-21 $28,649,250$34,379,100$40,108,950
2021-22 $30,081,712$36,098,055$42,114,397
2022-23 $31,585,798$37,902,957$44,220,117
Total $117,601,761$141,122,113$164,642,465