Chandler Parsons Says He’s Benched in Memphis Despite Being Healthy

by December 31, 2018

Chandler Parsons remains glued to the bench in Memphis despite being “medically cleared” to play.

Parsons, 30, has sat out the last 32 games for the Grizzlies.

Parsons blames the front-office for not giving him the green light to hoop again after recurring knee problems sidelined him in late October.

Per The Commercial Appeal:

“The most confusing part for me is I’m healthy,” Parsons told The Commercial Appeal. “I’m medically cleared by the people I work with every single day, that are experts at this kind of stuff, so it’s frustrating to watch a team struggle and I’m sitting there on the bench healthy, dying to play.”

Parsons and the Grizzlies medical staff targeted a Dec. 21 game at Sacramento as when he would return from the right knee soreness. His entire rehab process was geared toward returning on that date.

“Then they kind of put an end to that,” Parsons said. The “they” here is [general manager Chris] Wallace and the Grizzlies’ front office, and it’s the source of all the tension from Parsons’ perspective.

Can this eventually be rectified? Parsons still hopes so.

“Look, I’m over here trying to help our team win in any way I can,” Parsons said. “I’m not a distraction. I get along with everybody on the team. I love the coaching staff. I love the medical staff. So it’s just confusing as to why I can’t play and help our team, who is clearly struggling and could use me right now. But yeah, I hope to salvage it. I hope to play as soon as possible and help our team win as many games as possible.”

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