Change the game…

by Lang Whitaker

My quasi-colleague Jack McCallum was asked for 10 ways he’d change the NBA if he was commissioner for a day. And for the most part, I agree with his suggestions, particularly the NBA/NBDL doubleheaders, which would give fans a little added value and little free basketball.

Anything else that needs changing? How about instant replay, at least when there’s under two minutes to go. And someone needs to do something about the refs in general, whether it’s instituting a tougher review system when they screw up calls or keeping a closer eye on superstars getting bailed out on calls. Also, I’d make Stu Jackson the commissioner of the WNBA, because it’s a nice job and he’d be out of the way and unable to keep suspending guys for random lengths of time.

But what do you guys think? Post your ideas for fixing the NBA in comments section and we’ll eventually round up the best responses and forward them on to the League.