Charley Rosen Is Making Predictions Again

by Marcel Mutoni

Mr. Rosen has been in the basketball-writing game for a very long time, but he is perhaps best known for two things: 1)Being buddies with Phil Jackson; 2)Once boldly and stupidly claiming that the best that then-high schooler LeBron James could ever hope to be, was an average NBA player.

Charley is making predictions again in his latest piece, this time looking into his crystal ball for what the future holds for one Nate McMillan.

From Fox Sports:

By virtue of his dignity, his honesty, his insistence on team play with an emphasis on defense, his talent for developing young players, and his ability to make both in-game and between-game adjustments, McMillan is not-so quietly building a potential dynasty in Portland.

In fact, McMillan is destined to become THE outstanding coach of his generation.

With the kind of talent McMillan has the good fortune of working with in Portland, this is a much safer bet than the epic LBJ gaffe.

Methinks, however, that Rosen and McMillan watched the same Rudy Fernandez highlight tape this summer.