Charlotte Hornets Unveil New Pinstripe Jerseys

by September 01, 2020

The Charlotte Hornets have revealed their new jerseys for the 2020-21 season, ushering back a classic era with a modern twist. An iconic component of those memorable pre-relocation uniforms was the pinstripe effect and now the vertical lines of yesteryear are back in full force.

While the franchise scored a major win with their return to the organization’s original name and colour scheme for the 2014-15 season, the transition from the Kemba Walker Era threads to whatever the future holds is equally compelling.

As Dell Curry explains in a promotional video released with the new look, the Hornets jerseys of the nineties were a cultural staple. The legacy of Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning looms large today and it’s an era that the franchise can be legitimately proud of.

Four years into their existence as an expansion team, Johnson, Mourning and co. started a string of 10 .500-plus seasons (and seven playoff appearances). The personnel eventually changed as Glen Rice, Jamal Mashburn and ultimately Baron Davis settled into the spotlight but the results remained.

The double pinstripes, which made their first appearance on a Hornets jersey in 1996-97, give the jerseys a classic feel while the Jumpman logo and modernized styling accents keep things fresh. The team’s promotional site for the jersey launch goes deep into the specific details.

The Hornets will pick third in the 2020 NBA Draft, giving them plenty of opportunity to nab a new brand ambassador that could help launch these back into the mainstream.

Now somebody get the Backstreet Boys on the phone.