Chauncey Billups: Pistons ‘Would’ve Won Three’ Titles With Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony believes he would have “maybe two or three rings” by now had the Pistons picked him second overall in the 2003 NBA Draft.

Chauncey Billups concurs, adding that his Detroit squads “would’ve won three championships”—they ended up with just one—if they hadn’t instead gone with Darko Milicic.

Anthony, 35, built a Hall of Fame career largely in Denver, and says his Nuggets would’ve have swept the NBA Finals in 2009 had they gotten that far.

Per NBC Sports:

Anthony on Instagram with Dwyane Wade: “I was sick, because we were supposed to beat them that year. I don’t like saying ‘We should have.’ I don’t like saying all that. But when you re-evaluate everything. We really wanted Orlando in that Finals that year. We was like, ‘If we get Game 1 in L.A. or Game 2, we’re going back to Denver, we’re sweeping them.’ We was going to beat them. We was going to beat them that year if we would’ve won in L.A. If we would’ve won both games, we would’ve beat them. And we would’ve swept Orlando that year.”

Wade: “Orlando was alright, but they weren’t…”

Anthony: “No, would’ve swept them. We would’ve swept them that year.”

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