Chris Duhon’s Sarcasm Is Not Well-Received in Chicago

by March 11, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The Bulls’ rarely used point guard was suspended for Sunday night’s game against the Pistons for having missed the morning shootaround. It is believed that he missed it out of frustration for his reduced role on the team since the acquisition of Larry Hughes from Cleveland.

When approached by reporters to get a reaction to the suspension, Duhon had a terrific response:

Duhon said: ”Usually, I don’t play anyway, so it doesn’t have that much of an effect on me.”

Unfortunately, Bulls GM John Paxson failed to see the humor in the remark and, after meeting with Duhon to address the situation, he slapped him with an additional fine (Duhon was also docked some cash for missing the shootaround). Hater!

At this rate, it would not surprise me a bit if Scott Skiles were to get re-hired by the Bulls this summer. He may have been an insufferable jerk when he lorded over the team, but these types of incidents prove him right in one regard: The Bulls are in desperate need of discipline.