Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony Considering Playing in China

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

Despite all the tough talk and insinuation about possibly playing overseas during the NBA lockout, so far, the only star NBA player to have actually signed on the dotted line is Deron Williams.

Everyone else is just talking and making thinly-veiled threats about taking their talents across the pond.

Superstars Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony — who may one day play together in the L — are the latest to say they’d “love” to play in another country and league during the NBA’s labor impasse, and both cite China as the optimal destination.

Both players made the claim during a Jordan Brand promotional tour in the basketball-crazed country, so take it for what it’s worth.

The AP has the quotes (via SNTV):

With Kobe Bryant reportedly negotiating a deal to play in Turkey, New Orleans Hornets’ Paul and New York Knicks forward Anthony said they were also considering overseas moves.

Asked by SNTV where they would go, Anthony replied “China.” Paul said, “Same, no question.” The answers may have been designed to compliment their hosts, but Anthony added “it’s a lot of history here, the fans are great; why not, why not try it out?”

Speaking of Knicks players heading overseas, Carmelo’s teammate, rookie center Jerome Jordan, inked a deal with the Slovenian club Krka. Jordan can get out of the deal once the NBA resumes business, according to his agent.