Chris Paul Warns Trae Young About NBA Fandom

Trae Young already has a big fanbase among the NBA’s elite, but Chris Paul has a warning for the 19-year-old Oklahoma Sooners superstar not to let his guard down once he makes it to the League.

CP3 told Young that the same people singing his praises now will be coming at his neck in the not-too-distant future.

Paul encourages the freshman to enjoy his college time before the NBA grind begins.

Per Bleacher Report:

“It’s fun to watch him play,” Paul says. “He looks like he’s having fun. That’s the biggest advice I give him right now: Just be a college kid and have fun.”


There was one more piece of wisdom from Paul that continues to stick with Young, words that keep him grounded amid all of the hype and fanfare:


“If you’re going to play in this league,” Paul told him, “you’ve got to learn not to be a fan. For these guys, it’s a job, it’s a business. These same people that are tweeting at you now … pretty soon they’re going to be coming at your neck.”