Christmas Cheer in Washington: Butler Freaks Out, DeShawn Asks to Be Benched

by December 23, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Not a lot of joy in Washington these days. The team is gawd-awful – at 4-21, they’re the worst squad in the Easter Conference – and something needs to change. So, DeShawn Stevenson is stepping up.

Stevenson, who’s shooting a ghastly 31.7% from the field, asked his coach to bring him off the bench. From the Washington Post:

“In a real team gesture he basically told me: ‘Hey Tap, I’m struggling a bit, why don’t you let me come off the bench and see if I can’t get my swag back going against some second-line guys,’ ” Tapscott said of Stevenson. “I thought it an enormously gracious thing to say. And so, we’re looking at different combinations with the lineup, whether big or small, and let DeShawn go with the second unit for a while. He’s the ultimate team guy and that’s why I have so much respect for him.”

As for DeShawn’s teammate, Caron Butler, he explained why he lost his cool on Sunday, during a loss to the Mavs:

“There are no Cleos around here,” said Butler in reference to the fortune teller whose ads used to run all over late-night television. “Even [Miss] Cleo couldn’t dictate this. It’s just one of those situations where it’s ‘Man, this is not okay.’ Somebody has to say something. This is not okay. It’s not okay to continue to lose games like this. And I know that everyone feels that way on the inside. I just expressed it, and I expressed all the way out from deep in my tummy. I just put it out there.”

You know what sucks even more than the Wizards? Being a fan of their team.