CJ McCollum: ‘High Likelihood’ Kawhi Leonard Isn’t A Spur Next Season

Blazers guard CJ McCollum thinks there’s “a high likelihood” that Kawhi Leonard will not be a Spur next season.

On the latest episode of the Pull Up podcast, McCollum said he expects Leonard to sign in Los Angeles, with Boston being a sleeper candidate (starting at 36:10):

Bet or no way? Kawhi Leonard is not a Spur next year.

CJ: “Bet. I don’t hope it happens or I’m not wishing bad on the Spurs organization. I want to clarify this right now.

“But based on what we’ve seen, obviously, there’s something wrong with the hamstring. There’s a disconnect between his group. By his group, I mean the doctors he’s hired independently apart from the Spurs organization.

“There’s a disconnect or a disagreement in between what’s wrong with the injury and how fast he was supposed to come back.

“With him being away from the franchise in New York for extended periods of time, I’m sure he’s had some time to kind of think about his future and what he would like to receive out of it.

“I’m willing to bet based on the rumors of bigger markets—you hear people say L.A., which is what I think will happen. You also hear whispers about the Sixers, whispers about the New York Knicks. Another sleeper could potentially be the Boston Celtics.

“I think, based on what we’ve seen, there’s a high likelihood that he will no longer be with the franchise in the future. High likelihood.”

CJ McCollum: Kawhi Leonard in ‘Very Sticky Situation’ With Spurs