Clippers Hire Kevin Garnett as Player Consultant

by January 11, 2017

Doc Rivers finally got his reunification with Kevin Garnett—the LA Clippers are bringing KG on board as a consultant for their big men.

The future Hall of Famer worked out with DeAndre Jordan prior to Tuesday’s practice.

Garnett will not sit on the bench during games or travel with the Clippers.


“He’s stayed in touch,” Clippers assistant coach Mike Woodson said. “He’s had some communication, I’m sure, with some of the players throughout the course of the season since camp.


“He’s hired in here as a consultant. So I’m sure he’ll be in and out when it presents itself for him to work with our guys. And I think when he’s here, it’s important for our bigs to take advantage of him being out here on the floor. Because he brings so much to the table, has so much to offer for the game of basketball, it’s not even funny.”


“Amazing. Amazing. Amazing,” Jordan said about Garnett’s new role with the Clippers. “Besides him cussing me out, we played against each other. He’s a great spirit and a great basketball mind, a Hall of Fame guy. Someone I looked up to coming up and even playing against. So any pointers he can give me, or tips, it’s great. I just want to be a student when he’s here. […] He’s one of the main reasons why I talk so much, talk so loud when I’m out there. Because when I’m watching film of him or playing against him, the presence that he has — on both ends of the floor — is something that’s contagious. And you want take things from that from people like that, especially if that’s already in their personality.”

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