Coming this Christmas, the Starbury Workout Tape!

by October 06, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

As Knick training camp rages on, so too does the battle for the role of starting point guard between Chris Duhon and Stephon Marbury. So far, it appears as though Duhon might win the gig (which, surely, Marbury will handle with nothing but grace and class.)

So, maybe he isn’t the ideal point guard to lead an NBA team, but if you’re looking to lose weight and rebuild your mind and soul, Starbury is your man.

Once again, the business genius of one Stephon Marbury is at work: Just in time for the Holidays, Marbury is releasing a workout video. From the NY Post:

So proud of his off-season conditioning program, Stephon Marbury Stephon Marbury is producing a 45-minute fitness video due out for the Christmas shopping season.

“It’s for all different types of people, not just basketball players,” said Marbury, whose video is called “Starbury & Aim Sports Medicine Presents: The Rebuilding of the Mind, Body and Soul of a Superstar.”

Talk about the perfect X-Mas gift.

A “source” tells me that Baron Davis has already ordered an advanced copy.