Corie Blount Busted With 29 Pounds Of Weed

by Ryne Nelson

If you watched 90s basketball, you probably wondered if Corie Blount would ever get caught with dank.

Well, it happened: Police charged Blunt…er, Blount, with possession of over $50,000 worth of marijuana. Not only that, he got caught picking up 11 pounds of burnout in the mail, had three vehicles and three guns confiscated…it’s real dirty folks.

With more information and pictures from today’s drug bust, The Cincinnati Inquirer has it covered.

(Police) said that Blount arrived at the residence to retrieve the package, which contained 11 pounds of marijuana.


Police searched Blount’s home and the residence where the package was delivered. At Blount’s residence, deputies said they found a second package of marijuana containing about 11 pounds of marijuana. Authorities say a third package contained seven pounds of marijuana.

In addition to confiscating the 29 pounds of marijuana, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office confiscated $29,500 in cash, three vehicles and three guns.

Yes, Corie Blount is a millionaire with a degree in criminal justice.

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