D-Wade Has Changed His Mind on Point Guard Duties

by November 06, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Less than a month after the 2008 season came to a close, D-Wade asked his team to bring in someone who could be trusted with the initiation of the Heat offense. Four games into this year, and Wade seems to be changing his mind.

Prior to beating the Sixers at home last night, Dwyane and his coach discussed his (preferred) role in the offense.

From the Sun-Sentinel:

“It’s not something I want to do,” Spoelstra said. “To have him bring up the ball all the time, but that is one of his strengths. Particularly on misses, we have to get to a game where, I don’t know what percentage of time he has to bring it up, but that’s where he can be at his best, in the open court, with pick and rolls.”

“It’s just having the ball in my hands a little more to do more things,” Wade said. “A lot of it had to do with me, as well, just having more patience.”

You’re confusing everyone, D-Wade. Gotta figure out what you want in life and stick to it.