Damian Lillard Confronts Timberwolves Fan After Loss

Following a tough loss Monday night in Minny, Damian Lillard approached a fan who’d said something slick to him, and the guy quickly backed down.

Lillard downplayed the incident on Twitter, and said he left after hearing an apology from the fan.

Jimmy Butler overcame back spasms to score 37 points, and led the Timberwolves past the visiting Portland Trail Blazers 108-107.

Per the AP:

“I ride for everybody in this locker room. I’m going to battle with them as long as I can walk,” Butler said.


[The Blazers] were awarded only five throws, none in the first half, a discrepancy that had them steamed afterward.


“I got hit in the face one time, and it’s like in shooting motion,” Lillard said. “It’s a clear, easy play, and it’s impacting the game, man.”