Danilo Gallinari Aiming To Sign With Contender in Free Agency

Veteran forward Danilo Gallinari says that the opportunity to play for a contender is more important than signing a big contract in free agency this offseason.

“I’m no longer 20,” Gallinari said recently at the “Festival dello Sport” in Italy (via La Gazzetta dello Sport).

This could hint at the end of Gallinari’s run with the Thunder, who are rumored to be considering trading Chris Paul and entering a rebuild.

Gallinari has been in the League for 12 seasons, in which time he’s made $135.8 million in career earnings. But the 32-year-old has only made it to the playoffs four times and never past the first round.

Gallinari’s willingness to prioritize a ring over money will be an interesting storyline to follow this offseason, as he could be one of the biggest free-agent signings of the fall.