Darko Milicic Called Pau Gasol “soft”

by July 13, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

-Thanks to reader Gerard van Nuland for emailing this in: Darko Milicic called new teammate Pau Gasol “soft” in a Serbian newspaper interview last month.

“We’ll destroy them all — Spaniards, Greeks, Lithuanians, Russians, Frenches, Italians … All of them! They’re good, but we can demolish them all,” Milicic said. “Spain is not unbeatable. I like to play against Pau Gasol, he’s soft. If we win gold medal in Spain, I’ll take my shirt off and then I will jump from Parliament.”

(Frenches? Jump from Parliament?! Darko is clearly insane. His first meeting with Pau should be televised.)

-Adam Morrison is trying to ignore the haters, and he’s using the Summer League as some kind of refuge.

“It just got to be a lot,” he said. “Both what some people were saying and writing sometimes. I realize that I just have to go out and have fun and not worry about it. That’s what’s good about the summer league. No real distractions.”

-Chucky Atkins should be signing with Denver very soon. I guess this is the Nuggets’ idea of a Plan B should Steve Blake leave via free agency.

-Derek Fisher’s old Jazz teammates aren’t mad at him for moving on.

-Marc Berman, though, is mad at the Knicks’ bigs. And yes, I only linked to this story because I love NY Post headlines.

-So, this is what Danny Ainge’s day is like? I love that True Hoop’s Henry Abbott had the balls to show the clip to Danny.

-And finally for today: Man, why wasn’t my high school basketball coach as aggressive as these Florida football nut jobs? I could’ve been a contender, coach. You bastard!

(Warning: the video clip, due to language, isn’t exactly office-friendly.)

Enjoy the weekend everyone, and please leave the trouble-making to yours truly. See you next week.