Darko Wants to Go Home – for Good

by November 27, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

So, the summer of 2010. Lots of big free-agent names available; teams are killing themselves (and their chances at any semblance of success over the next two years) for the opportunity to land a big name or two; and the players seem to be enjoying the madness that goes along with it.

Well, not everyone.

Darko Milicic isn’t thinking about his free agency in 2010 the same way that Wade, James and Bosh are. He’s too busy day-dreaming about returning to his native land. Darko wants his, er, freedom from the shackles of the NBA.

From the Commercial Appeal:

“I lot of days I think that,” Milicic said, “because the only way to be me is in Europe. I don’t want to be a defensive player the rest of my career. It’s not really what I want to do.”

“I want to get my confidence back on the offensive end. I want the ball to go through me so I can have a chance to miss without worrying about it. And I want a chance to make plays. (Europe) has good basketball, and it would be closer to home.”

Hey, can’t blame a guy for wanting to return home. And besides, he was never fully comfortable with this whole NBA thing to begin with.

I can only hope that no one tells Chad Ford about this; it could devastate him.