De’Aaron Fox: ‘I Don’t Crave to Be in a Big Market’

De’Aaron Fox is perfectly content in Sacramento, and says he does not “crave to be in a big market.”

Fox, 21, believes it will mean more to the city—as opposed to a bigger one—if the Kings get back on the winning track.

The lightning-quick point guard believes his on-court excellence and business savvy will earn him a large enough audience.

Per ONE37pm:

“You have guys who come into the league and one of their main selling points with a team or a brand is that they know how to use social media,” Fox says. “They know how to get their image out there.”

Fox’s (offseason) presence in San Clemente is emblematic of his approach to opportunity in the sport and outside it. San Clemente is laid-back and near San Diego, which Fox prefers to Los Angeles. With all the movement in the NBA this offseason toward larger markets—Los Angeles and NYC/Brooklyn, in particular—Fox’s feelings on being in a big market are dampened by knowing he can find an audience anywhere.

“I don’t crave to be in a big market,” he says. “After last season, there was a buzz in Sacramento. Everyone in Sacramento is a Kings fan. If we start making the playoffs, or if we become a championship contender, the entire city is going to go nuts. That’s the difference between a big market and a small one.”

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