DeMar DeRozan Shoots Down Social Media Trade Rumors

DeMar DeRozan wiped his Instagram feed clean this week—though he continues to post cryptically—leading to speculation that he was on the verge of being traded.

DeRozan, who exhibited similar behavior when he was shipped from Toronto to San Antonio, says he wishes he played prior to the invention of social media.

DeMar continues to believe the 6-13 Spurs still have time to turn their disappointing season around.

Per The Express-News:

“I don’t even like social media, honestly,” he said. “I’m not a big fan of social media, never been. To this day I always wish I had played in the ’90s so I wouldn’t deal with social media. I just let people talk. Me, personally, I hate it…If it wasn’t a need in 2019, I wouldn’t have it.”

DeRozan also expressed confidence that the Spurs can turn things around and make a push for an NBA-record 23rd consecutive playoff appearance after falling to 6-13 with their fifth straight loss at home.

“Losing kind of heightens everything negatively,” he said. “The reality of it, it’s still November. We haven’t hit 2020 yet. We’ve still got an opportunity. All it takes is for us to play a couple good weeks of basketball and we’ll be right there.”

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