DeMarcus Cousins ‘Most Likely Will Not Be Back During the Playoffs’

by April 17, 2019

In all likelihood, DeMarcus Cousins‘ season has come to an end after he tore his left quad in Game 2 of the Warriors’ first-round playoff series against the LA Clippers.

Cousins doesn’t need surgery, but head coach Steve Kerr says the big fella is probably facing a recovery period of a couple months.

Golden State, however, is “leaving the door open” for Boogie’s return this postseason—however improbable—if the injury heals faster than expected.

Per The San Fran Chronicle:

“DeMarcus most likely will not be back during the playoffs,” Golden State head coach Steve Kerr said after practice Wednesday. “You’re probably looking at a couple months recovery.

“But (director of sports medicine and performance) Rick (Celebrini) told me that there are occasions where that injury heals faster, so we’re leaving the door open, obviously.”

There are currently no plans for Cousins to be around the team, even as just a spectator, during this playoff run. As Cousins begins his recovery, the Warriors want him as comfortable as possible. In the meantime, Andrew Bogut will start at center in Game 3 on Thursday, with Kevon Looney and Jordan Bell coming off the bench.

“In the coming weeks, if he’s cleared and Rick feels good about it, maybe we’ll push him a little harder,” Kerr said of [center Damian] Jones, who averaged 5.4 points, 3.1 rebounds and 1.2 assists in 24 games (22 starts) before his injury. “We hadn’t anticipated him coming back and I still don’t, but we’ll see if that’s changed after DeMarcus’ injury.”

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