Report: Dennis Schroder Could Face Felony Battery Charge

by March 27, 2018
dennis schroder felony battery

Hawks guard Dennis Schroder could be prosecuted for felony aggravated battery after a fight at an Atlanta-area hookah bar on September 29.

According to the AJC‘s Michael Cunningham, court documents reveal that the victim suffered a torn meniscus and ACL.

In a Feb. 26 letter to DeKalb District Attorney Sherry Boston, DeKalb Assistant Solicitor-General Tommy McNulty wrote that all four defendants should be prosecuted for aggravated battery because they “maliciously” caused bodily harm that resulted in “serious damage to the victim’s knee and leg.”

“The victim’s medical records . . . indicate that the victim suffered a torn meniscus and a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL),” McNulty wrote to Boston. “These injuries require multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation. As such, this case should be handled by the District Attorney’ s Office.”

Dennis Schroder Arrested For Misdemeanor Battery