Devin Booker: ‘I’m Done With Not Making the Playoffs’

Suns guard Devin Booker says this is “probably the last year” he’ll be watching the NBA playoffs instead of playing in them.

Phoenix just wrapped up a League-worst 21-61 season, and Booker vows to turn things around in 2018-19.

The Suns are expected to offer their 21-year-old rising star a five-year, $156 million contract extension this summer.

Per AZ Republic:

“I’m done with not making the playoffs. I’m serious,” Booker said Wednesday as the Suns conducted their exit interviews following a 21-61 season. “This is probably the last year I’m ever not making the playoffs. That’s putting pressure on myself I need. I’m watching these games right now with teams trying to clinch and the playoff atmosphere of those games and those are the games I want to be in.”

There’s been recent speculation that Booker is so fed up with the Suns’ losing ways he might not sign the five-year, $156 million rookie contract extension Phoenix likely will offer him this summer. Booker, without making a firm commitment, put those fears to rest.

“Don’t believe in nonsense,” he said. “With TV, they need something to talk about. I’ve always mentioned since my first day here that I fell in love with this city, I fell in love with the fan base and the dedication they showed to the team.

“I always think about turning the franchise around, to get it back how it used to be. I watch the highlights of (Charles) Barkley and (Steve) Nash and how alive the arena was. One of my goals is to get it back that way.”