Did KG Tank It In Minnesota?

by March 18, 2008

by Lang Whitaker

T-Wolves owner Glen Taylor seems to think so. How do we know? He says so

“I don’t like that so much, I don’t like that,” Taylor said of the notion the Wolves tanked last season. “It was more like, I’d say, K.G. tanked it.”

Hmm. His thinking behind this seems to be that because KG sat out the last 5 games of last season, he was tanking it.

I didn’t ask Kevin about this when I interviewed him for our season preview, but he did say something that kinda stuck out to me about the T-Wolves front office possibly being disingenuous toward the fans. I asked him how much control he had over being traded from the T-Wolves, how much he could dictate where he was going.

Kevin said…

“A lot of control…well, as much as you want, because you have stuff in your contact. I’m sure the Timberwolves wanted me to be as cooperative as possible and make the transition kind of easy on both parts. I think too they was trying to get season tickets out of people, and I’m sure they was catching a little backlash off what they was hearing. I stayed in Minnesota the whole time. I didn’t go anywhere. I finally took a vacation, which was very short from what I usually take, and came back. I immediately went to L.A. and started working out.”