Did Robert Horry Add to His ‘Cheap Shot Artist’ Legend?

by May 16, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The Spurs disposed of the Hornets in a do-or-die Game Six last night, but the major story out of that game was Robert Horry forcing David West to leave the game in the fourth quarter, after the Hornets forward aggravated a back injury.

There is much debate as to whether or not Horry’s blow to West’s creaky back was a clean basketball play, or if it was a standard-issue Robert Horry Cheap Shot.

“I’m not real OK with it,” Hornets head coach Bryon Scott said. “But if I didn’t know Robert on a personal level, I’d say that was a dirty shot. Yeah, if I didn’t know him the way I know him, I’d say it was a cheap shot.”

You’re confusing me, coach. Was it a cheap shot, or not?

No one can say for sure how effective West and his back will be in Game Seven on Monday night, and though the pick seemed innocuous enough, Horry does have a history of playing a notoriously pivotal role in big Playoff games.

Anyhow, since Lord Byron can’t seem to make up his mind, here’s the video evidence, you make the call.