Dispute: Mark Cuban vs Avery Johnson

by March 20, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

The Lakers and Mavs played a frantic game on Tuesday night; Dallas trimmed a huge Laker lead in the fourth quarter and nearly pulled off a miraculous comeback. Afterwards, Avery Johnson took his sweet time before facing the media, and it turns out that it was because he was busy yelling back at team owner Mark Cuban

Cuban said the dispute was not over “anyone in particular,” and he did not elaborate on what set off the spontaneous dialogue.

“It was one of our ‘exchanges’ we have every so often,” Cuban said. “Happens every year with every coach.”

Why the anger, Mark? Did Avery start up a blog or something?

Dallas currently holds the seventh Playoff seed in the West, and portentously, they have yet to beat a team with a .500 record or better since they swung the Jason Kidd deal.

A few months from now, Cuban – who’s clearly desperate for a ring – may grow tired of yelling at his team’s head coach, and simply start shopping for a new one.