Do The Right Thing: Envoyez Tony A Las Vegas

by January 12, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

I say this with absolute confidence: is the single greatest website ever created. In history. Skeptical? OK, let me unskepticalize (yep, that’s a made up word) you:

-The site is entirely in French. I speak it, therefore I was able to translate the goods.

-“Son nom est Tony Parker”

-The site is dedicated to getting Tony Parker a starter’s spot on the West All-Star squad.

-There’s a short clip of a cowboy riding a horse; this was done to symbolize that Parker plays in Texas.

-The site’s banner screams: “Envoyez Tony au ALL STAR GAME!”

-There’s a teepee!

-As part of the Flash animation introduction, we see an inexplicable picture of three young kids about to throw pumpkins into the air.

(This supposedly symbolizes how Tony overcame the odds and made it to the League. No idea what to make of that.)

-There are two phenomenal pictures of Tony doing his best impression of a sexy fashion model. Must.See.

Needless to say, he’s got my vote.

[Link:; via Yaysports!]