Doc Rivers on Fellow Coaches’ All-Star Hypocrisy

by January 30, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

While Ben Wallace was busy inventing new words to express his outrage, Doc Rivers stuck to plain old English when discussing his guy’s snub from the All-Star game. Ray Allen not being named an All-Star this season brought out his coach’s sharp tongue.

What’s awesome is that Rivers threw his fellow coaches under the bus before he knew that Ray-Ray had been snubbed. From the Boston Herald:

“It really would be (disappointing) because coaches all over the league talk about sacrificing,” Rivers said after yesterday’s practice but before the selections were announced.

“I might be venting for no reason, but I just get that sense they’re being hypocritical because somebody who doesn’t make it on our group (sacrifices). (But) that’s what they did. They voted for numbers instead of sacrifice, wins and efficiency.”

Also inferring that there was hypocrisy on the coaches’ part, was GM Danny Ainge.

The best reaction – and surely, one that will continue to endear this franchise to the rest of hoops universe – came from All-Star Paul Pierce: “In my opinion, I think we should have our starting five … I’ll take four or five of us.”