Doc Rivers Puts the Pressure on Rondo

by June 17, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

With the world about to tune in and see if Boston can win a championship, and with the almost surreal run of bad luck the Celtics have had in the last couple of days, you’d think that head coach Doc Rivers would be driving the positivity train, and saying nothing but encouraging things about his players.

Nope, ol’ Doc tells it like it is.

Just ask Rajon Rondo, who the coach criticized in his pow-wow with the press corps following the Game Five loss.

“He’s just not playing well right now,” said coach Doc Rivers. “[The Lakers] are doing a nice job to start games with Kobe [Bryant] guarding him and roaming, and the ball is ending up in his hands. And what we’re trying to get him to do is just be aggressive to the basket.”

The 22-year old Rondo has seen his numbers drop to 8 points and 7 assists per night against the Lakers. As the series shifts to Boston, the Celtics’ head coach (to say nothing of his teammates and the fans) clearly expect the young point guard to deliver the goods. Hey, no pressure!