Donald Sterling Might Not Liberate Sam Cassell

by February 27, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

So much for Sam I Am’s escape from the basketball hell that is commonly referred to as the Los Angeles Clippers.

Boston is considered the front-runner to acquire the veteran point guard, but word on the street is that the owner of the Clippers, the notoriously stingy Donald Sterling, could throw a monkey wrench into the whole operation.

An NBA source said yesterday that Clippers owner Donald Sterling does not seem interested in buying out the final year of guard Sam Cassell’s contract. Cassell’s agent, David Falk, has given the Clippers a deadline of Saturday to complete the buyout so the 6-foot-3-inch, two-time NBA champion would be eligible for another team’s postseason roster.

You know, for a 38-year old point guard, this is turning into quite a bit of hand-wringing.

Let him go, Sterling. We, the fans, demand the giant testicle dance come Playoff time.