Draymond Green: Jazz Fans Not Very Smart and Talk Too Much

Draymond Green helped usher Utah out of the NBA Playoffs, and found plenty of time to mercilessly troll Jazz fans.

Green used his podcast to talk about Jazz fans’ lack of intelligence, and their tendency to yap a little too much for his liking.

The Warriors’ All-Star forward led Golden State to a four-game sweep , closing out the second-round series with a 17/11/10 triple-double in a 121-95 rout Monday night.

Per CSN Bay Area:

What did Draymond think of the Utah crowd?


“I thought they would be louder than they were. It didn’t get as loud in there as I thought it would,” he said. “It was OK. Their fans talk a little too much … shut up. No, I wasn’t really feeling their fans. Shut up.


“They don’t make sense. Some guy kept telling me to shoot the ball. Do you not realize I’m shooting 55 percent from 3 this series? Why would you want me shooting the basketball when I’m shooting that great?


“Now of course I missed a few last night and like, whatever. I’m gonna shoot the piss out of it tomorrow, so that’s cool. Their fans just weren’t very smart. They talk too much. Shut up.”

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