Draymond Green: LeBron James ‘Can’t Have This Ring’

Draymond Green says LeBron James can claim the G.O.A.T. title if people want to give it to him, he just can’t be crowned a champion again this season.

Green says he has no beef with the Cavs, and won’t waste any energy hating Cleveland.

The fiery All-Star’s antics basically cost Golden State the title last year, but don’t expect him to tone down his act in these Finals.


Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green likes to make his opponents uncomfortable, and that certainly includes employing well-timed trash talk.


“Everybody’s susceptible to that,” Green said Wednesday, one day before the Warriors open their third straight NBA Finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. “I don’t care who you are.”


“Yeah, I agree with him,” said [Kevin] Love, who can expect to be on the receiving end of Green’s verbal jabs when the two players match up against each other.


“He’s one of the best in the game at being a trash-talker,” Love continued. “He’s a guy, like I mentioned, that sets the tone for them. And this is the NBA Finals. I think that everybody expects that and hopes for that. It’s two — the best two teams in the league going at it. So, it’s definitely fun to be a part of, and it’s just part of the game.”

Draymond Green: ‘I Want to Destroy Cleveland’