Draymond Green: Warriors ‘Need’ Kevin Durant in NBA Finals

The Warriors “need” Kevin Durant (strained calf) in order to win a title, according to teammate Draymond Green.

Having KD in the lineup makes Golden State “unbeatable,” says Green, who also hopes for DeMarcus Cousins (torn quad) to get healthy in time to play in the NBA Finals.

Head coach Steve Kerr adds that he is “hopeful” about Durant suiting up in the championship round.


“There’s been so much talk about how, ‘Oh, they’re the Warriors. Before Kevin got there they were great.’ Bulls—,” Green told ESPN. “We was damn good. I think we were a very good team who was tough to beat. I think when Kevin came here, he made us unbeatable. When DeMarcus [Cousins] came here, it made people scratch their head even more. And so we need those guys. The next series is going to be tough, and I hope and pray that we can get him back.”

Green was vocal prior to Monday’s Game 4 in Portland that the Warriors were motivated to close out the series because it would allow Durant and Cousins more time to recover.

“Our goal is obviously to get all three of those guys back,” Green said. “We know we’re a good team with who we have, but those guys make us great and almost unbeatable. And we know we need [Durant].”

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr knows Durant still has to overcome some hurdles in his recovery, including being cleared for on-court work again, but Kerr feels good about the possibilities.

“I’m just hopeful that that’s the case more than anything,” Kerr told ESPN of being able to add Durant back into the lineup. “We don’t know how it’s going to end up. I’m really proud of the guys for holding down the fort during this series, and hopefully his rehab continues to progress and we get him back, because we’re going to need him. No doubt.”

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