Drew League Wants a Re-Match With Goodman League

by August 22, 2011

Following the Goodman League’s victory in the mega-hyped showdown, members of the Drew League say they want to face-off again, and soon. From the WaPo: “The intensity for a supposed summer league exhibition perhaps exceeded what many of the participants had expected, but also spoke to the pride that was at stake for players who earn their reputations on the asphalt at Barry Farm or the indoor gym that Washington Park. … ‘That’s why we set this whole thing up. Both teams are going to play hard,’ said [James] Harden, who scored 34 points. ‘I don’t want hear nothing about that Kevin Durant, Thunder up. We’re enemies right now.’ Harden made those comments before Durant won the game by sinking two free throws with 21.5 seconds remaining to finish with a game-high 44 points and then blocked Harden’s shot as time expired. … Several players from the visiting squad questioned the foul call afterward and the anger and frustration that came with paying their own money for travel and lodging expenses, only to come away with a loss, had them angling for a rematch sooner than later. ‘We need that rematch,’ [Brandon] Jennings said after scoring a team-high 38 points for the Drew League. ‘We lost on a last second shot, and a last second call. Nothing said that they was better than us. If you think about it, they was one up because they had an all-star. We didn’t have no all-stars.'”