Dunleavy Did It

by Lang Whitaker

Mike Dunleavy Jr. has always been a staple of SLAMonline.com; this has nothing to do with his ability to play basketball. As we discovered upon Dun’s entry into the NBA, he has a unique, Jim Carrey-like ability to stretch and contort his face into a variety of bizarre expressions. We used to illustrate this with occasional photos over at the old SLAMonline. I recently did a super-post of this, with Dunleavy’s brilliant early season work.

Now, the guy/guys/girl over at The Big Lead have unearthed some photos of Dunleavy in full bloom. This is Dunleavy cut loose—drinking, swigging, throwing back shots. So much for the Pacers trading for a bunch of nice safe white guys. Gangsta grizz-els!

And as Li’l Dun flips off the camera, it’s almost as if he is saying: “Screw you world! Can I live? Step off my pink polo shirt with the bad-ass shades hooked onto the front. It’s my life, don’t you forget!”