Dwight Howard: ‘I Don’t Know What’s Going to Happen, But I Do Love L.A.’

Dwight Howard and the Los Angeles Lakers have mutual interest, the big fella confirmed.

The Purple and Gold, however, are reportedly considering Howard as a matter of “due diligence” in the wake of DeMarcus Cousins‘s torn left ACL.

Dwight, who played one season for the Lakers in 2012, says he would love another opportunity to hoop in L.A.

Per The LA Times:

“I would tell [Anthony Davis] to just enjoy the moment and enjoy this season,” Howard told The Times. “When I was here, unfortunately things happened where we didn’t win, guys got hurt, but I enjoyed the city, I enjoyed the people and I had some really great relationships with people that came from being out here.

“So there were some positives. We just didn’t win that season, and that’s what happens when you play basketball. Things may look good, but injuries and other issues may happen and things might not work out, but I still had a good time in L.A.”

While the Lakers tried to re-sign Howard, putting up billboards around town pleading with him to “Stay,” Howard ended up turning down the team’s five-year, $118-million offer. He instead signed a four-year, $88-million deal with the Houston Rockets. He would be the first of many stars to turn down the Lakers in free agency, but Howard thinks that will change now with [LeBron] James and Davis in Los Angeles.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do love L.A.,” Howard said. “Staples Center is going to be rocking this season. When I played there it was rocking every night. The atmosphere is crazy, not just for the Lakers but the Clippers too. I just think all the hard work they’ve put in is paying off now. They’ve always been viewed as the Lakers’ little brother, but they decided to stand out and be different and you have to thank guys like Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul for laying the foundation for this team, and then what Doc [Rivers] has done has been great. This is just all that hard work paying off.”

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