Dwyane Wade Could Be Facing a Rather Large Lawsuit

by August 14, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

D-Wade is a man with a lot on his mind these days. There’s the whole matter of trying to win Gold for his country in Beijing, which will only be followed by the task of trying to resurrect the Miami Heat franchise following a disastrous season.

Off the basketball court, things certainly aren’t going to get easier for Wade either. Word out of Miami is that people he went into the restaurant business with (a venture that failed spectacularly) want to take him to court, and they’re seeking a lot of money.

From the Palm Beach Post:

Although precise numbers aren’t in court papers, a source close to the case tells Page 2.1 that two of his partners in a restaurant venture gone awry are planning to seek $25 million from the basketballer.

“This could be a big deal if he doesn’t take it seriously,” said the source, a friend of Wade’s who asked to remain anonymous.

I wonder what kind of prices Olympic medals are fetching on eBay nowadays?