Evan Turner And Random Twitter Guy Are Ready To Throw #ThemHands (For Real)

Evan Turner and a Twitter troll got into it after a user with the handle @JakeTheTailg8r tweeted that he wants to punch Turner in the face. Turner shot right back, offering to meet him in Portland to put on some boxing gloves and throw #ThemHands.

@JakeTheTailg8r: I want to punch the following: Ricky Bobby, Shooter McGavin, Tony Romo, Eli Manning, @thekidet, Henry Rowengartner, Brock Lesnar & the Sedin Sisters of the Vancouver Canucks

Evan Turnershut up hoe

Evan TurnerI’ll be back in Portland this summer. Let’s hit up a boxing gym. Put the gloves on. I’ll give you a shot. Lmk

@JakeTheTailg8rOh I’ll lose but I’ll still show up

Evan TurnerI’ll have my people get in contact with your people. I’ll move some things around in my schedule. Check your DMs. Lookin forward to it, cupcake 😙

@JakeTheTailg8rCan’t wait, sweetheart

@JakeTheTailg8rHe’s 6’7” I’m 6’3” I might be able to duck a bit and go for the baddy as they say in the movie

Evan TurnerThis isn’t a movie, I’m going to beat that ass. Like straight up

Also mixed in the back and forth was the Twitter user calling Turner a “pimp,” to which Turner had a quick retort.

@JakeTheTailg8r: Love it when they learn comebacks from their pimps

Evan Turner: I only want his family there and a EMTs … Side note: E.M.T. are my initials. I’m going to make buddy tattoo my name on his back since he likes the “pimp” culture. #youllbebrandedHOR

Actions speak louder than words, but “Jake” says he’ll follow through.

@JakeTheTailg8r: Like I said people that know me know I will do this