Expansion, but not in a bad way like the NBA

by August 16, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Well well well, this site is growing into a beast that I can barely keep a leash on. I’ve been doing a lot of managing and putting out fires the past few days. Nerve wrecking. Still, we have provided lots of great content this week (IMO!). From part II of the Myles Brown magnum opus, to Chris O’Leary’s report on high school players in Toronto, to Aggrey Sam in New Orleans, to the Tim Duncan-like consistency of Mutoni’s Wire. Sure, it is the slowest time of the year, and yet, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?

There is more basketball-related non-NBA stuff coming today. Look out for it. My original vision when I became Associate Online Editor (even before the promotion after that to Online Editor) was to have the site expand like Michael Sweetney’s waistline. I did not anticipate it happening with quite the speed it has. Call it SLAMIFEST DESTINY!!!

All that being said, and this being the NBA dead zone, a few quick things to share.

1. Madden 2008. It’s crazy how mainstream video game playing has become. It used to be when you played video games for hours on end, you were throwing your life away or just having fun with your friends. Now it’s like you are part of some monstrous cult that has gone beyond cult status. It’s a turnoff, man. I was playing Madden back in the early 90’s on Sega Genesis. It’s frightening how much things have changed since then. People are saying things to me like “What, you’re NOT going to go run home and play Madden until 5 A.M.? What’s wrong with you?!?” Strange days.

2. Rest in Peace Phil Rizzuto. The Scooter. I don’t know how it slipped my mind, but a friend of mine gave me a signed copy (signed by my friend, not The Scooter) of Holy Cow: The Selected Verse of Phil Rizzuto. Needless to say, it is funny. Phil Rizzuto is my favorite baseball announcer of all-time. Sure, he talked about what his wife Cora cooked him for dinner last night instead of the game on the field, and maybe he thought a pop up to second could be a homer, but it’s better than say, Joe Buck pontificating on some ridiculous self-righteous moralistic point.

3. Finally, simpsonizeme. When The Simpsons movie came out, that site was so busy it had a humorous error message. Now, if you have a decent sized self-portrait, you can turn yourself into a Simpsons character. That is me on the left. Eerie. I showed some people at work yesterday, and now they are all making themselves into Simpsons.

Okay, hope you got some A.M. entertainment out of this. Yesterday Myles’ post led to a brief ice cream discussion, which inspired me to overdo dessert last night, and now I have to get to the gym before work, as young Konate senses weakness.