Fractured Hand Knocks ‘Melo Out at Least 3 Weeks

by January 06, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Looks like the prayers in Denver weren’t answered.

First the bad news: Carmelo Anthony will miss at least three weeks due to a hand fracture. That sucks for both him and his surging team.

And now, the (relatively) good news: He won’t need to go under the knife. More from the Rocky Mountain News:

“I’m playing it by ear,” Anthony said. “The next couple of weeks, just get some rest, some treatment. The good news is I didn’t have to get no surgery on it. Hopefully, the healing process will be a lot quicker.’’

Of wearing the splint, Melo said, “I can take it off and on. It’s not a full cast. It’s a splint. But I’ll be all right.”

If ever there was a time for Chauncey to prove that he’s an MVP candidate, as his coach claimed earlier this season, this would be it.