Frustrated Chris Bosh Throws Jamario Moon Under the Bus

by Marcel Mutoni

Disastrous. That seems like the appropriate word to describe the Toronto Raptors’ season up to this point. The losses keep mounting, as does the frustration. And the team’s star is voicing his displeasure again.

This time around, it wasn’t the booing home fans who got a verbal lashing from Chris Bosh; the honor last night instead fell to his defensively-inept teammate, Jamario Moon.

From the Toronto Star:

After Moon blew a defensive assignment with about 90 seconds left that ultimately ended with a Joe Johnson free throw that got Atlanta within one, Bosh went off on his teammate in front of the bench. And he didn’t back off when asked about it after the game.

“Watch the film. He gives him a straight line to the basket,” said Bosh. “Joe Johnson. All-star. Whatever you want to call him, one of the best players or two-guards in the league and you give him a straight line? You can’t.”

“That’s the mental thing we are talking about. We’re up by two. If he hits the jump shot and you contest it as good as you can, what are we going to say? But don’t give him a straight-line drive. He’s too talented for that. He’s too good for that and that’s what made me upset.”

Bosh is well within his rights to be upset, and as the team’s best player, he should be speaking for the group.

But to throw one of your own under the bus like that, with reporters listening? Probably not the ideal move from the team leader.