George Karl Believes He’s Coaching an MVP Point Guard

by December 05, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

I think it’s fair to say that George Karl is enjoying the Chauncey Billups Experience. I think it’s even fair to say that he’s ecstatic about it. And why shouldn’t he be? Prior to last night’s loss against the Spurs, Denver had won 12 of 15 since it acquired Billups in the trade for Allen Iverson.

George Karl has been so impressed by Chauncey’s effect on his team, that he’s already campaigning for his point guard to grab some hardware by season’s end.

From the Denver Post:

“The trade,” Nuggets coach George Karl said, “had a very positive karma, from wherever you want to stand — from a fan standpoint, from an organization standpoint, from a coaching standpoint, from a locker room standpoint. Every place, there is a karma that’s good. I think MVP candidates are those type of guys.”

“It’s not that they’re the best player — it’s that they’re the most valuable player.”

Billups, a former Finals MVP, has no doubt been spectacular in his return to Denver, and could very well contend for the award. He’s the main reason why the Nuggets are off to their best start in three decades. But a 16-game stretch, no matter how scintillating, does not an MVP make.

The season is still in its infancy; let’s wait until March (at the very earliest) before we start counting the votes.