Gilbert Arenas’ World of Trouble

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

There was a time, not too long ago, when Gil’s antics were the stuff of great amusement for everyone. And though he may be trying his best, perhaps in a misguided attempt to gain public sympathy through humor, no one is laughing with Arenas anymore.

Along with teammate Javaris Crittenton, the Washington Wizards’ franchise player is set to meet with D.C. law enforcement officials, to try and explain how things in a high-stakes card game supposedly went so astray that guns eventually became involved.

His career as a Wizard hangs in the balance.

There’s talk now that the Pollin family — which owns the franchise — has already begun to look into voiding Arenas’ gargantuan $111 million contract (which has four years and over $80 mil remaining on it) should he be found guilty of some kind of felony. And you can be sure that David Stern is preparing to hand down his own brand of painful justice.

Gil doesn’t have an agent to represent him during the biggest crisis of his career (though his former representative says that Arenas didn’t pull a gun on anyone), and is left to his own clumsy devices. And for what it’s worth, Crittenton’s agent claims his client did absolutely nothing wrong, naturally.

We may never know exactly what went down in the Wizards’ locker room on Christmas Eve, but one thing that we can be certain of, is that the consequences will be felt by all parties involved for a very long time.