Harrison and Popovich: Two Emotional Individuals

by March 07, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Gregg Popovich and David Harrison were both kicked out of last night’s Pacers/Spurs game in San Antonio. While Pop’s ejection seemed like a thinly veiled (and well-timed) attempt to fire up his lackadaisical team, something tells me Harrison’s actions didn’t follow any sort of logic. Dude just lost it.

Emotional center David Harrison was hit with a technical foul late in the fourth quarter and suffered a meltdown inside the locker room after the game, according to several Pacers players.

“I subbed for him and somebody on the bench made a decision to send him to the locker room; it wasn’t me,” Pacers coach Jim O’Brien said before Harrison’s blowup came to light. “You shouldn’t get technical fouls if you’re David Harrison. I subbed for him, so his night was over.”

You shouldn’t get technical fouls if you’re David Harrison. Aaaand we have a new candidate for quote of the season.

Harrison received medical attention immediately following the game, and by the time reporters got into the locker room, he had calmed down and the room was hazy and filled with a distinctive smell did not talk to the press afterwards.

Update: David Harrison has been suspended for one game following his outburst. Gregg Popovich, though, has not. So unfair.